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3 The Bluebird2Walmart money transfer service is provided by Ria (defined below) according to rias terms and conditions, Rias` Privacy Policy, Bluebird Member Contract and Bluebird Deposit Account Contract. The pickup is available in all 50 U.S. and Puerto Rico. The daily money transfer limit is $2,500 for all your Bluebird accounts. For each transfer, the fee is $4.00 up to $50, for each transfer from $50.01 to $1,000 and for each transfer from $1,000.01 to $2,500. Other limits and conditions apply. For more information, see In the letter they sent, Amex referred to section 22.d of their terms and agreement on why they would no longer have the ability of these cardholders to add money. What does section 22 d say? That says a lot, but I will contribute courageously, which is certainly why they concluded us: the current conditions and agreements were introduced on 5 January 2016. So, between September 6 and January 5, American Express had to do some analysis and realized that it was not in its best interest to continue to allow people to use their Bluebird-Serve cards to generate miles and points.

What I find really doubtful is how a big bank like American Express would treat its customers as if we didn`t deserve a timely service. Because I gurante that if I were a traditional Amex credit card holder, I would immediately prepared my problem with all the attention. But as I am a bluebird prepaid customer, I am treated as a prepaid customer. What doesn`t make sense, I mean, American Express is the map publisher, it`s not like I`m tied to a 3rd party to which Amex is reluctantly bound. They still represent the Amex brand and don`t know any more about me when they had their credit customers, except that I owned Bluebird instead. This should not define how customer service treats you. Some think it could be a backdoor pressure from banking regulation: One of my two Bluebird accounts was closed at 1/8 and with the same email. This sucks like I almost have 6K unload and just a card to do it.

its 2020 now and I got the same email from bluebird and I wondered if there was a solution for us By the way, you are aware that some stores do not accept credit cards, but if I am my bluebird it goes through the credit card and I have a pin to use. Although I didn`t have to go through a credit review to get my Bluebird card according to civil law, it is stipulated that if someone is able to jump through his products with a pine number which is an intriguing part of using a debit card, so if I drag her to court, I will accuse them of violating the truth in granting TILA credit.